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Nintendo to Develop Smartphone Games Featuring Nintendo Characters

Well it’s about time! Nintendo will be teaming up with Japanese mobile developer DeNA to develop smartphone games featuring Nintendo IP. They will also be developing a new multimedia service that will replace Club Nintendo and work across Nintendo devices, smartphones, tablets, and computers. Full story here.


Hey there! It’s been a while.

Sorry I’ve been absent for so long. I’m studying abroad in Japan for a year, and I don’t really have time to play video games, and I’m also running another blog so this blog is essentially going on hiatus for a year. But I saw this article and felt like I should share. Games are really getting beautiful: http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/12/11/most-beautiful-video-game-moments-of-2013

Right now I’m pretty much limited to playing my 3DS, so I’ve been playing mostly Animal Crossing, but my host family bought me Pokemon Y so I’ve been playing that too. I initially was playing in Japanese but it got too difficult–it literally took me several hours just to get my starter–so I started over in English. Amazing so far.


This is a (mostly) platform game made by me and two classmates for a final project. It explores the theme of infidelity, and the feelings one might experience after cheating. It’s short and hopefully not too difficult, so please give it a try!

Click here to download. The link leads to YoYo Games, where I’ve now successfully uploaded it. Please feel free to rate and comment! Any and all feedback is really appreciated. (It’s hard to tell if your games are good if you’re the only one playing them. *sigh* sad life.)