No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky: The Reason I Will Buy A PS4

New gameplay footage from the Game Awards (courtesy of Polygon)

Everything I see about the upcoming game No Man’s Sky from Hello Games makes me badly wish I had a PS4. To me, this game is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious of all time, and, if the developers succeed, it could be one of the best and most popular games ever made. If you haven’t heard of it, No Man’s Sky is a sci-fi exploration game that procedurally generates the world around you. Every star, every planet, every creature is unique–players will constantly be discovering new things, and according to the developers the world is practically infinite. If you were to visit every single planet in the game, it would take you longer than the sun to blow up, and that’s if you spend only one second on each planet.

No Man’s Sky has everything I want in a game. I love exploring, so I usually play games like The Legend of Zelda or The Elder Scrolls. Those games feature hand-crafted worlds with plenty of secrets hidden away. However, if you dedicate enough time to them, you will eventually find everything there is to find, and thus complete them. I haven’t yet found any great open-world games that go on forever. No Man’s Sky is the game I’ve been looking for, and it’s in space! There’s nothing more enticing than exploring the vast universe, and this game lets you do just that.

I’ve played games like Mass Effect  and Spore that let you fly to different planets and explore them, but that’s always taken the fun out of exploring outer space by limiting you to simply selecting the planet you want to go to from a map. In No Man’s Sky, you can fly anywhere you want in your spaceship. See a planet in the distance you want to check out? You can fly or warp over there, seamlessly enter its atmosphere, land on the surface, and get out to explore on foot. From there you can document the procedurally generated flora and fauna, discover ancient ruins, and more.

And though it’s a single-player game, you’re not alone. Everyone is connected–if you visit a planet that has already been discovered by someone else, it’ll tell you who discovered it. Everything you do is recorded for other players to see, and I think that’s truly amazing.

It’s an incredibly ambitious game, but it’s looking like everything I could ever want and, if the developers succeed, I think it could turn into the greatest game ever made, and probably be the one game that I always go back to time and again. That used to be Skyrim, but once I reached a high level, the enemies just became way too strong and I got too frustrated to keep trying. If No Man’s Sky provides enough things to occupy the player and provides enough objectives and features to keep things interesting, it will be the reason I splurge for a PS4.

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